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Profumo di Natale...

No, I do not mean pandoro the smell of freshly baked and decorated with dark chocolate ... I am referring to the bombing reclamizzante advertising perfume, for his and hers, which has marked the approach of Christmas, almost like a timetable for the advent of consumerism. I do not know if you noticed but often at dinner time, appeared numerous commercials, one after the other, where he was presented the smell (yes, with a capital letter, because it is claiming to be perfect every perfume for every woman) that women and men should have ABSOLUTELY. Of course, advertisers have invented the most absurd possible advertising just to sell in ... Below are just a few, as are so many.

start with the scents of a woman, since we are the largest consumers of these types of products advertised by famous actresses.
In these days where advertising has reappeared, a famous South African actress get into a house (not the attic or studio, mind you) and as you stride along the corridor with a panther, remove jewelry thrown to the ground and trampling, takes off her dress and gold, wearing only high heels, with soft voice whispers the name of the perfume. Now, in addition to the impossibility of repeating a similar scene in real life, presentatemi a woman who throws the jewels on the ground and then stepped on them ... I do not think there is!
Another actress, this time the American is the protagonist of another publication. She is sitting in front of a vanity cupboard and looks enchanted mirror, with bleached hair and big hair with red lacquered lips, which make it look a lot like Marilyn Monroe. Yet despite the dazzling beauty, the girl is in existential crisis. This raises the questions mirror of "do not know if he is the right one," "I do not know if it will always be by my side" ... so existential questions that every woman does. Then, having asked this question, the only one who understands that will not disappoint you and never betray is his favorite perfume. Moral: a perfume is forever (You bet diamonds) ...
a foreign actress, but adoption of Italian, is a testimonial to another perfume. She, too, sitting in front of a vanity cupboard, looking down, listening to the compliments of a male voice-overs. She is all embarrassed ... and jumps out saying that the scent is wonderful, taking the bottle in his hand. Fly over comment hypothetical that could make a man if a girl makes him so ...

Then there are some advertising with mannequins and models.
A famous model in the car is sitting in the back seat, and while sniffing a rose, remembers a night of passion with a mysterious man. Begins to twitch skeletal doing a glimpse of the sternum from the corset, which desperately tries to do his job to "flesh out" the curves of the model exist, but without success. Result: you do not understand what is advertised, if the smell or the thinness ...
Another advertising model with a less well known. She is in a field of flowers and, as the sun rises, you mention the wind. A whirlwind surrounds and follows the movement of his arms, reaching to the sun. Hmm, must be a smell as witches ...

But modern humans, as careful not to "stink", they also have at their disposal some perfumes from real macho.
The first ad is very direct. A boy with a Fonzie-style leather jacket with "Happy Days" and presumably wearing perfume advertised, snaps his fingers ... and a woman appears. Snap my fingers ... and the woman approaches ... Snap my fingers ... and the woman jumps off the bra. Then snap my fingers, but here the advertising stops, doing guess what happens after that ... che lui fa tutto con la stessa rapidità con cui schiocca le dita!
Un’altra pubblicità, che invece mi ha fatto pensare, è quella di un profumo dello stesso “produttore”, reclamizzato sia in versione femminile sia maschile. In entrambe le pubblicità c’è una coppia occasionale a letto. Nella versione femminile lei si alza mentre lui dorme ancora e si riveste da pin up. Improvvisamente lui si sveglia e la vede andare via…così, per consolarsi, affonda il naso nel cuscino, sniffando come un drogato il suo profumo. La versione maschile, però, è leggermente ambigua. Lei dorme, lui si sveglia e si riveste da marinaio, con un paio di pantaloni bianchi attillati sul sedere ed una maglietta stretta a righe orizzontali bianche ed azzurre; già qui sorge un dubbio…che aumenta nell’immagine successiva. Lei si sveglia e lo vede andare via, mentre indossa il cappellino bianco, sculettando allegramente. Lei affonda la testa nel cuscino di lui…ma annusa il profumo o ha un attimo di disperazione? Mah…mai fidarsi dei marinai…

Infine, la pubblicità di un famosissimo profumo, la più lunga in assoluto…quasi tre minuti!
Lei, un’attrice francese, sale sull’Orient Express (l’ho riconosciuto perchè l’ho visto passare alla stazione ferroviaria di Mestre) e, mentre è affacciata al finestrino del corridoio, le passa accanto il figone di turno. I due si guardano…ma lui prosegue verso la sua cabina.
Arriva la sera e lei è nella sua cuccetta. Indossa una vestaglia e si mette due gocce di profumo sul collo. Lui, casualmente, passa davanti alla porta e sente il profumo…si blocca davanti alla porta, estasiato. Bussano alla porta…e qui tutti credono che sia lui…invece è il controllore che chiede il passaporto alla protagonista.
E’ notte, lei si gira e rigira nel letto (dove, ovviamente dorme nuda…da quando Marilyn Monroe ha dichiarato di dormire indossando solo due gocce di questo profumo, tutti pensano che chi lo usa faccia altrettanto); non riesce a dormire, quasi in preda ad un rito voodoo. Lui, infatti, è fuori dalla porta, appostato like a vampire who, instead of being attracted by the smell of blood, lured by the scent. He kneels in front of the door, kisses her, leaning with her back ... she wakes up, feels his presence (even its smell must be quite powerful). Runs out of the bunk, but he falls into his own.
Finally you arrive at the destination of the two (hypothetically Istanbul). She runs out of the station, hoping to meet him ... but no, he did not expect (bastardo!). The girl, with a heavy heart, continues with its commitments: one sees a souk (Arab market) while making purchases. Already there is made a tour on a boat and take several photos. The ship crosses
another ship and you take a picture ... but there is something strange. Zoom in on the picture ... and who you appear? The beefy train! She turns and, with sad eyes, look at the other ship moving away.
Eventually she returns to the station and, from behind the back, returns to the beefy who kisses her neck and hugged her ... and fading image on the logo of the perfume ...

Now you'll wonder if this massive media campaign has had some olfactory- a positive effect ... Well, the job of a perfume shop told me that on Christmas Eve, there was a bustle of people who bought a perfume for your lady! But I am a horrible suspicion: that sarà il messaggio subliminale di queste pubblicità? Che noi donne puzziamo!?!?



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